A network of local shopping route

Geoyeo-dong and Macheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul

The site is the end of Gangnam area where has several types of dwelling from an apartment to a shantytown, as well as has a issue of New town Development Project by the government. It indicates a mixed residential area where has still remained village streets and culture.
There are quite many small and medium supermarkets within 2~300 meters if the biggest apartment complex is a starting point. It is not too much to say that a supermarket is located in every alley. But local residents sometimes go to a traditional market from 1Km away to buy fresh ingredients, such as raw fish, meat or vegatables.

Contents of research
The character of a shopping route in this area is divided by food ingredients. For cooking one meal, a local resident should shop at several markets. The route for the shopping of local residents is researched by interviews and it is analysed on the map. As a result, I propose that the cross way of the shopping route will be useful information for the future public art.