Blooming in Anjeong-ri

Village Regeneration Project ‘Blooming in Anjeong-ri’ is the project which blossom ‘Flowers’ in old shabby alley in Anjeong-ri to make whole village like big Anjeong flower. We identified these alleys from Art Camp, art space run by GyeongGi Cultural Foundation, to Village garden with whole process to bloom and put each story in every alley. During sowing seeds and blooming, the history which endures time has been put in it. This project to make flowers in Anjeong-ri is not only to make flowers more beautiful but also to shape specific cultural identification in Anjeon-ri with their own stories in this region.  

  • Project manager Irene Jeon
  • Project artist Minsun Kim
  • Assistant Seulgi Yang, Hyeyoung Won
  • Graphic Design Yuna Seo
  • Collaborated with Amy Shu Yeh Lee, Pottery Class of Art Camp, Students of Paengseong elementary school and Camp Humphreys, Wood Workshop of Art Camp(골목木공방)