The day of Architecture 2013

Home for a moment is an ongoing research project to know that it is possible to make a space ‘feeling at home’ if intimacy exists. This installation gives visitors a chance to inhabit for a moment in the specific site by using personal stories. The project was a part of the architecture day in Rotterdam, 24Hofpoort(2013) as a first test-site. The given context where has been a vacant office building in the center of Rotterdam for 15years gradually changed to an intimate space like feeling at home. It is a real experience by visitor’s participation with specific questions that they are often not aware of.

possible thanks to Hans Venhuizen, Lieke van Hooijdonk, Kristian Koreman(ZUS), Jan Konings, Louise Schouwenberg, Erik Jutten, HaeWon Lim, WonYoung Park, SeulKi Choi, Nuri Jung, NaKyung Kim, INSIDER