Milk bar

Milk bar is a pop-up space where used a part of Riverside Gallery in Rotterdam. This project is not only for space design, but also for a business strategy of local economy in the making of a vibrant city district.


The site is in centrum district where is possible by walking from Central station and is good for accessibility from near main district. However, it is a neglected part of city under shadow during day time.


Milk Bar’s main menu is based on 3-step choices–a base milk, a main ingredient, and an addon. We used this concept of layering into our visual identity, including the logo, poster, package and exterior.


We aim to make fast and healthy drinks based on 3-step choices-a base milk, a main ingredient and add-on, which will allow sorts of mix possible such as Raspberry Basil Smoothie or Chocolate Banana Soya Smoothie. There will be also ready-made recipes and good-for-you snacks.


The forepart of Riverside Gallery is transformed into Milk bar. As the space is more of a wall, only with 2m depth, we are transforming the wall into space by adopting folding tables and chairs coming out of the wall.


Wei-Hsun Chen, Kyong Kim, Dasha Martynova, Photeini Mermygka, Minsun Kim